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Over the last few months, your friends at Deep Shred have been working tirelessly to bring you SMOOCHES. SMOOCHES is a two-volume cassette compilation we have put together with the intent to release around the time of Donald Trump’s inauguration. The cassette features artists from all over the country, and even a few from overseas. All of the proceeds from this release are going to go directly to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, and the National Immigration Law Center. Each contributing artist will be able to allocate their share of the proceeds so that each band can be supporting the organizations closest to their hearts. It’s our hope that with the release of these cassettes we can help fund charities and nonprofits that aid vulnerable populations while also giving people the strength they need through music.

On this compilation, we are so lucky to be hosting Brazilian Wax, Aye Nako, Birthing Hips, MANNEQUIN PUSSY, Food Court, The Barbazons, Math the Band, THEE CAVEMYN, Gravel, Black Beach, halfsour, WAY OUT, Downtown Boys, Tall Juan, Lady Pills, Tiffany’s House, Secret Lover, Dinoczar, NICE GUYS, Free Pizza, GYMSHORTS, Trash Bag, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Foozle, susie derkins, Pasture Dog, Really Great, Tuxis Giant, Fucko, Wydyde, T-T)b, Crying, Bedbug, CosMc, Chook Race, Bat House, Bad Deals & Midriffs. Extremely huge thanks to all of these artists for submitting their songs.

We released the compilation digitally on 1/20. But now the cassettes are here and up for sale. Side A & B on Pink, C & D on Blue. J-cards with a special fold out track list printed by Fireball Printing on Philadelphia, PA.

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